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**If you are seeing this page... it means the transfer has begun. However, websites take upwards of 72 hours to fully migrate.**

If you are in need of assistance, please contact the Parish Office at (215) 968-2262.

Daily Mass takes place at 7:00am and 9:00am. Livestreaming for daily Mass is available here:

**Evening Update: 7/28/21, 5:17pm: We have entered the final preparations for launch. The plan is going to be a turnover at 6:00pm this evening. Please understand that this might not happen instantaneously, and we have several people here at the office playing a rousing game of 4D chess, but it looks like we have passed over a major threshold on our DNS. There will be a small instruction on the new site (you'll see it... it's the same as below, just trying to gauge who can see the finished project. Also, please be mindful, the initial loading time will be much longer than normal. Your own computer needs to cycle through the sheer amount of content. Each time you comeback to site, it'll load faster. But expect NYC rush hour traffic at the start. Thanks! - AS

To aid in this process, if you are seeing this message, please click this link to email us and tell us your location and what internet provider you have. It will help. Thank you. - Communications




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