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Our Mission...

We, the parish of Saint Andrew Catholic Church, are a community of disciples of Jesus Christ, upholding one another on the journey of faith. Formed by the Word, Sacraments, and Prayer, we strive to live the spiritual and corporal works of mercy in our relationships, near and far. With joyful outreach, we invite all to the beauty of faith in Jesus Christ.
Our symbol depicts the moment when Andrew introduces Jesus to Peter.

Mass Intentions


the week of august 1, 2021 - the eighteenth sunday of ordinary time

Ex 16:2-4, 12-15; Ps 78:3-4, 23-24, 25, 54; Eph 4:17, 20-24; Jn 6:24-35

Sunday, August 1

12:00 pm Patty Conti
10:30 am Joseph DeLisa
9:00 am Bud Crouch
7:30 am Jim Casey
6:45 am Parishioners of Saint Andrew
Anna A. Coletti

7:00 am

Daniel Dalton

9:00 am

August 2nd
Richard Hearn

7:00 am

Alex Dalglish

9:00 am

August 3rd
Steve Chapman

7:00 am

Tony Rosella

9:00 am

Memorial of St. John
Feast of
St. Mary Magdalene
Erik Pedersen

7:00 am

Joseph Lock

9:00 am

August 5th
Mary Margaret Walsh

7:00 am

Margaret Gibson

9:00 am

Feast of the Transfiguration
of the Lord
Anna & Ed Gordon and
Mary & John Buckley

7:00 am

Eileen Kleiner

9:00 am

August 7th



Saint Andrew News 


Rocco & Laura Laurenzano & Family
Melissa Murray-Rigney & Family
Brian & Leigh Noble & Family
Thomas & Cassandra Oshinsky & Family
Michael & Nancy Pinelli
Jennifer Rickey
Daniel & Lauren Riether & Family
Reginald & Sara Smith & Family
Natasha Unson & Family

Theodore & Susan Brown & Family
Benjamin & Maria Coughlin & Family
Kevin & Arielle Cuozzi & Family
Scott & Elizabeth Ferrante & Family
Elisa Furlong & Family
Gregg & Samantha Griffin
Brittany Hogan
Sean & Stephanie Kirk & Family
Scott & Krista Lam & Family

(JULY 2021)

Dominic William Aspite
Kellen Jacalone Donohue
Barrett Rose Flack
Stella Drew Gall
Charlotte Alice Guest
Oliver Kane Hagemann

Stephen James Kanya
Charlotte Harper O'Sullivan
Riley Pearl Parker
Teresa Sofia Pezzicara
Sophia Paixao Silva
Madison Eleanor Spero



The Year of

December 8, 2020 - December 8, 2021

Saint Joseph, patron saint of the unexpected,

How freely you stepped into the unknown.

With your unwavering yes,

Saint Joseph, dreamer of dreams,

How attuned your heart was, waking and sleeping,

To the promptings of angels.

Saint Joseph, nurturing father,

How openly you accepted your unconventional family,

Lighting the way for us, too, to embrace all.

Saint Joseph, there is still so much we don't know about you,

But maybe that is your gift to us,

That we may see in the father of Jesus a mystery

That sanctifies the hidden and untold in our own lives.

May we too, live our days in the holy shadow of your son. Amen.



Mary Jane Agasar

Charlotte Ammison

William Ammison

Cynthia Baker

Jose Barreneche

Karen Boyd

Phil Brocious

Baby Declan Boyle

John Byrne

Anthony Cacciatore

Noreen Carey

Brett Chicko

Joseph Coyne

Patricia Cunningham

Robert Dalton

Eny deOliveira

Albert Dettore

Emerson Ey

Jayme Albuquerque Filho

Margaret Firth

Ellen Friedman

Heather Funkhouser

Anita Galante

Kyle Gray

Rev. Guron, Sr.

Maria Henkensiefken

Nylda Huslin

Ronald Huslin

Mary Hynes

Teresa Jermyn

Greg Kane

Lucas Kuici

Rosemary Lawall

Kai Maass

Emily Mantai

Mary Martin

Kathleen McCarthy

Brian McEvilly, Jr.

Joan McGregor
Terry Miller 

Joe Molnar
Mary Moser 
Joe Murphy
Brad Nicholson 
Geraldine O’Brien
Dan O’Connor
Steven Oller
Sally Orrock
Debora Palmiotto
Regina Pine

Nancy Pinelli
Kevin Reilly
Jim Rieder
Richard Riggi  

Michelle Ritrovato  
Fran Roselli
Rita Sankovich
Italia Scotti
George Shistler 
Alice Siverio
Charles Edward Smith
John Snyder

Ken Sullivan
Ryan Teicher 
Liz Tolkach
Luke Vollberg  
Rev. Bill Warman

Teresa Watson-Aponte
Rick Welsh
Jim Zemanek


Please remember these parishioners

and friends of Saint Andrew Catholic Church

who are in need of your prayers.