Our Mission

The Parish Pastoral Council works to further the mission of the parish and functions as a consulting body to advise and assist the Pastor in areas of pastoral concern.


The Council serves all parishioners and meets five times per year.

The Parish Pastoral Council welcomes the suggestions of the entire Parish. Please contact any member of the Council; email; call (215) 968-2262 x 51; or drop a note in the collection basket.

Dear Parishioners, 

In 1990, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia requested that parishes establish a parish community structure to assist pastors in leading their congregation members to seek a deeper union with God. (from 1993 Saint Andrew Parish Council Minutes)


Since 1993, the Saint Andrew Pastoral Council has helped me with an atmosphere of trust and unity in our parish faith community's strengthening and nurturing. I offer my abiding gratitude to all present and former members who have served on the Council throughout the years.

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The Parish Pastoral Council's general function is to advise the Pastor in those pastoral matters. Listed below are some of the ways it carries out its position:

  • Inform the Pastor of the needs and concerns, gift and resources of the whole parish and its members;


  • Develop and review a parish mission statement(approved 2016 for Saint Andrew Parish) and a parish pastoral plan (approved 2018 for Saint Andrew Parish);

  • Participate in ongoing consultation and planning;

  • Review and evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs;

  • Reflect on Archdiocesan pastoral priorities; 


  • Recommend implementing them in the parish.

Source: Archdiocese of Philadelphia,

Office for Parish Service and Support

Msgr. PicardPresident

Meet The Pastoral Council Members

Frank GabrieleChairperson

Chris Hager, Vice Chairperson

Mary Ann McLeanVice Chairperson

Greetings fellow pilgrims:


I’m honored to serve as Chair for the Parish Council beginning September 2021. The magnitude of God’s goodness exceeds the scope of this message but fosters the gratitude and joy we all feel in serving. 


My thanks starts for past members recently completing their terms: Stephen Miller, Maria Gdovin, and Tom Jennings, who was an admirable, affable, and able Chair. We welcome new members in Erin Harkiewicz and Alex Petsis, exuberant in their faith and willingness to serve.  


The Council’s general function is to “advise the Pastor (Monsignor Picard) in pastoral matters.” In practice, we serve as a “pray-and-think tank” to consider where we are and where God might want us to be.  


As the pandemic and our response change gears, let this be a time of (re)turning to God, a renewal of our faith. Let us experience anew the peace and joy that flows in our lives because of our participation in the Body of Christ.



Frank Gabriele

Rosanne Cowen

Jean Dolan

Keith Dyer

Lisa Fernandez

Leonard Franckowiak

Elaine Grillo

Erin Harkiewicz

Doug Montalbano

Jim Neels

Tony Parker

Alex Petsis

Jennifer Stewart

Liz Tolkach



“The experience has enabled me to see from a broader perspective both the opportunities for spiritual growth and gospel-led contributions of our local Church community.” 


—  Karen Reilly

You are the Good News of Jesus Christ,

for so many, near and far!

See your faith and your faithfulness as a parish described in the Saint Andrew Parish Pastoral Plan.

Why this Plan? The Parish is the place where the mission of the Church lives locally. To that end, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia asks all Parishes to write down and share their vision, Mission Statement, and goals; to live them all the more. Part I of the Pastoral Plan does just that.

Part II: Continuous Pastoral Planning is our own Parish addition to keep the Plan on-going,
up-to-date, off the shelf, and in our hearts and good works. It invites collaboration and information sharing around specific action steps taken, or to be taken, by ministry groups and individuals - on any of the goals, now, and in the future. 

We welcome hearing about any actions and achievements connected to your faith journey and good works - all for the sake of a new evangelization among us and with God's grace, among many others.