Saint Andrew
Catholic Church


These ministers are men and women who greet and usher people at weekend Liturgies and religious services. Their main duties during Mass are to:

  • Welcome the Congregation as they arrive for Mass, and as they exit once Mass has ended.

  • Check that worship aids and bulletins are placed in the boxes and tables for availability.

  • Give overall supervision to the Congregation for any needs of the Parishioners.

  • Kindly ask two persons to carry the gifts for the Presentation of the Gifts at Mass.

  • Be available to assist those vulnerable or ill (e.g. when they wish to receive Holy Communion, please notify priest or deacon).

  • Guide distribution of Communion, as needed.

  • Distribute Church Bulletins as Parishioners exit after Mass.

The Hospitality Ministry is a crucial part of worship, and considered one of the most visible ministries in the Church.

To learn more, please contact Gene Enama, Lead Usher at the button above.