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"For I was hungry, and you gave me to something to eat..."
- Matthew 25:35-40

We are always in awe of the charity that exists in our congregation. As the need increases, so does the food we receive. Jesus said, "Feed my lambs, tend my sheep."


I believe He was not only speaking of spiritual need but physical as well: how could it be otherwise? We are all human and need nourishment of body and soul.

Given the times we live in, this letter wishes to thank you for the support we have received over the years. We are never without requests for help.

As you know, our charity is for everyone hungry or in need of food for their families, regardless of their religious denomination or who they are. "For I was hungry, and you gave me to something to eat" are not just idle words - they were spoken by our Savior.

Marion Slack


Co-Founder and Former Director

catholic social services bucks county family services

Mary’s Cupboard collects non-perishable food and distributes it to the needy in the area through Catholic Social Services in Levittown, Pennsylvania. 


We collect food on the second Sunday of each month. 


You may leave food donations in the Information Room in the Main Church.

Keith Pladsen, (215) 287-1644

Brett Kelly, (215) 498-2308

st. michael the archangel 100

levittown pkwy

levittown, pa.


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