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The Saint Andrew website redesign project simply would not have been possible without the help of some brilliant minds. Below are all of the artists, designers, videographers, photographers, and just all-around awesome people.

Thank you to all that provided inspiration.

Max Hager (photography)

Louise Hurst (facility sketches)

Dan Tarrant (videography)

Alex Searle (digital strategist)

Sarah Webb (clergy photography)

Below are the direct links for all source material. Each name is a clickable link to the actual source.


Fra Angelico (Public Domain), Jacob BentzingerLeonardo DaVinci (Public Domain), Patrick ForeGebhard Fugel (Public Domain), Gregory Gagarin (Public Domain), Shaun & Sandra Hansen (Compass), Michelle Haddon, Anna HeckerFrancois Lochon-Gamma-Rapho (Pope John Paul II via Getty Images), Mike Meyers,  John Patrick PublishingPXhere, Rick RickmanFrancisco Rizi (Public Domain), Andreas Rønnigen, John, Jörg Bittner Unna (David Statue), 

All Parishioners that assisted in the Evangelization MERCYinMotion video project, including: Monsignor Picard, Frank Gabriele, Barbara Crawford, Christine Favorite, Sr. Pat Kelly, Theresa Leinker, Randy Reardon, Terry Smeraglio, Ted Ciarciello, Laurel Collins, Matt Davies, Lori Deegan, Ron Duchesneau, Michelle Forsyth, Brian Gabriele, Maria Gdovin, Chris Gwynn, Pat Hannigan, Allan Kupersmith, Ann Marie Luyando, Cheryl Minney, JoAnn Marotto, Santi Platero, Jack Pinkstone, M'Lu St. George, Dan Tarrant, and Amy Windish.

And many thanks to the hours spent on Unsplash, Vecteezy, YouTube, PSDtuts, abduzeedo, and all of the other tremendous free resources out there.

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