December 24-25, 2021



Worship Aid
Christmas Bulletin

Due to Covid-19 guidelines, we are restricting the number of people allowed at Christmas Masses.


The total number of Parishioners will be capped at 800. You must register to attend in-person.


Please click on a time to register for the corresponding Mass.

Christmas Eve

2:00pm - Main Church
4:00pm - Main Church
4:30pm - CEC
5:15pm - Main Church
5:45pm - CEC
6:30pm - Main Church
7:00pm - CEC
8:00pm - Main Church
9:30pm - Main Church

Christmas Day

6:45am - Main Church
7:45am - Main Church
9:00am - Main Church
10:00am - CEC
10:30am - Main Church
11:30am - CEC
12:00pm - Main Church
Seats Are Unavailable
Available Seating