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Elle A. Caruso

of Langhorne, Gods Newest Angel, was called to his side on Friday July 30, 2021, after a courageous and hard fought battle with cancer. She was 5 years old. 


Elle was a dynamic young child, full of fun and laughter, with leadership qualities. She was silly, selfless, generous and kind.

We welcome you to join us in celebrating Elle's life, starting at 10:45am.

Sick List


Mary Jane Agasar

Charlotte Ammison

William Ammison

Cynthia Baker

Jose Barreneche

Karen Boyd

Phil Brocious

Baby Declan Boyle

John Byrne

Anthony Cacciatore

Noreen Carey

Brett Chicko

Joseph Coyne

Patricia Cunningham

Robert Dalton

Eny deOliveira

Albert Dettore

Emerson Ey

Jayme Albuquerque Filho

Margaret Firth

Ellen Friedman

Heather Funkhouser

Anita Galante

Kyle Gray

Rev. Guron, Sr.

Maria Henkensiefken

Nylda Huslin

Ronald Huslin

Mary Hynes

Teresa Jermyn

Greg Kane

Lucas Kuici

Rosemary Lawall

Kai Maass

Emily Mantai

Mary Martin

Kathleen McCarthy

Brian McEvilly, Jr.

Joan McGregor
Terry Miller 

Joe Molnar
Mary Moser 
Joe Murphy
Brad Nicholson 
Geraldine O’Brien
Dan O’Connor
Steven Oller
Sally Orrock
Debora Palmiotto
Regina Pine

Nancy Pinelli
Kevin Reilly
Jim Rieder
Richard Riggi  

Michelle Ritrovato  
Fran Roselli
Rita Sankovich
Italia Scotti
George Shistler 
Alice Siverio
Charles Edward Smith
John Snyder

Ken Sullivan
Ryan Teicher 
Liz Tolkach
Luke Vollberg  
Rev. Bill Warman

Teresa Watson-Aponte
Rick Welsh
Jim Zemanek


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