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Mail Thefts Are Increasing

Updated: May 3

The following message was shared with Monsignor Picard from the Newtown Township Chief of Police, John L. Hearn. Please be very mindful of his advice.

Good morning Monsignor!


Can you please share this with the entire congregation and encourage them to share with their friends and families.

It’s been a major issue in the region and the Terry Drive location in Newtown has been hit several times. We encourage parishioners to drop all mail off INSIDE post office and NOT use freestanding boxes outside on the property.

With the intent to safeguard your personal and financial information, due to ongoing thefts, we are encouraging residents NOT to use the blue free-standing mail boxes outside the post office until the US Postal Service implements security modifications to these boxes.

There are mail boxes located inside the post office in which we recommend using until these security modifications are put in place.


- John L. Hearn

Chief of Police, Newtown Township


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