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Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)

Frequently Asked Questions…

1. What happens on a CRHP weekend?

2. Who conducts this renewal weekend?

3. How long is the weekend?

4. Who may attend?

5. I attended a CRHP weekend years ago from another parish. Can I attend?

6. What if I know nothing about the Bible?

7. I haven’t been to confession in years and I can’t remember anything about religion class. I’m not sure if I should attend.

8. Do I have to sit and listen to lectures all weekend?

9. What if I don’t know anyone attending?

10. I'm doubtful. Who will invite me?

11. With my responsibilities and other activities, I don’t know if I can afford a weekend away.

12. Will I have to get up and talk?

13. What if I am new to the Catholic Faith or to the parish of Saint Andrew?

14. What is and is not part of the CRHP weekend?

15. How do I sign up?

16. Where will I sleep?

17. What about meals?

18. What should I wear?

19. How much does it cost?

20. What about Mass on Sunday?

21. Is the Renewal Weekend all there is?


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