Parish Pastoral Council
Msgr. Michael Picard, Pastor, President, 215-968-2262, ext. 13
Karen Reilly, Chair
Sr. Pat Kelly, Staff Liaison, 215-968-2262, ext. 51


Voting for New Pastoral Council MembersMembers

Look for the ballot page in the Church Bulletin on June 2 and June 9.
Use the ballot sheet from only one of those weekends and vote once for any three of the nominees.
Please place your ballot in the collection basket, bring it to the parish office, or place it in the mailbox nearest to the parish office door by Monday, June 17.



Click here to download the Pastoral Plan Brochure



Evangelization Corner

Keep the Parish Pastoral Plan ongoing, up-to-date, and in our hearts and good works! Continuous Pastoral Planning is part II of the plan. The following report from Karen Lawler is #3 in the series of Continuous Pastoral Planning Updates:
Thank you to the 400+ parishioner families involved in Adopt-A-Family this year. You made our Pastoral Plan Goal live: “To love and care for the Poor.” Founder and Organizer, Karen Lawler, says: “It works every year because of all the people involved: “THIS PARISH ROCKS!!! “
Karen provided this program summary:  For starters, the social workers and teachers in the churches and schools that we service send the lists of family need to me (Karen), and my neighbor and I prepare the cards that are presented at Saint Andrew Church. Our very generous parishioners then give of their own time and money to shop and wrap gifts for the family that they chose to help. A number of people have said: “This giving to a needy family IS our Christmas gift to one another. We don’t need anything else.!”
About a week before Christmas, we have four huge trucks donated to gather the gifts, and all the donors bring their wonderful gifts to the Church parking lot. I have never asked for volunteers to help with the loading of these hundreds of boxes; they just show up on that Friday night! To that end, people from all walks of life help:  football teams, families, college and high school students, and one couple even donates enough pizza, water and cookies each year to keep everyone’s energy and singing up! The trucks are then driven to their destinations the next morning, accompanied by more volunteers who help unload the hundreds of boxes. This year our parish supported 400 needy families and their  gratefulness is so heartfelt!   
See Adopt-A-Family in action. Watch the video, mercyinmotion: To give alms, on the Saint Andrew Parish Website!







green crossThe Parish Pastoral Council Experiencegreen cross

Parish Council Members answer: Why I like being on Parish Council.

"The experience has enabled me to see from  a broader perspective both the opportunities for spiritual growth and the gospel led contributions of our local Church community. I have been part of a collective voice in offering counsel to Saint Andrew leadership based on prayer and Spirit led discussions. I have found the council members to be  humble and open individuals who model servant leadership listening
to the Spirit and striving to serve God's people."
— Karen Reilly

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"I have enjoyed my brief time so far on the PPC. I always feel inspired after the meetings. While we are busy discussing ways to bring our faith more fully to our Church, parish and community, it always comes across more like faith sharing. My fellow members are so honest,  straight forward and willing to share their experiences in our Catholic faith. As a result, I believe we are moved to serve our Saint Andrew parish and beyond with renewed enthusiasm and love. I know I am!"
— Lynda DiFiori

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"Before I write further, I would like you to know about the official role of the PPC. The purpose of the Council, as stated in its’ mission statement is to work to further the mission of the Parish and functions as a consulting body to advise and assist the Pastor in areas of pastoral concern.Members bring their individual, unique gifts to uphold the mission of the parish (to proclaim to all people the saving message of the Gospel and joyfully share our time, talent and resources in works of mercy and justice both within and beyond our Parish community).

Saint Andrew PPC isn’t just any old PPC. It isn’t all business and 'state of affairs' of the parish. It is somewhat a small-faith group and a sounding board which we can learn from and aspire toward as individuals and as a parish community. It is us, sharing our time, talent and treasure (and I don’t mean money) for the betterment of the parish, our parish.

As a member of the PPC for a number of years, I looked forward to our gatherings, to being your voice as part of an advisory board, conveying the interests and needs of you, the parishioners, to our Pastor. I welcomed the opportunity to perform the tasks and goals that were set before us through integrative studies of parish ministries and organization. We shared laughter and prayers. Hope and faith was always present.

My PPC experience has been one of faith-filled collaboration with fellow PPC members, parishioners, staff, and, of course, our pastor, Msgr. Michael Picard. It has been an honor and worthwhile pleasure during my tenure to serve everyone. Thank you for gifting me with the opportunity to serve you, to serve God."
— Angel Conicelli

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"Serving on the Parish Pastoral Council has afforded me the opportunity to meet and share faith and fellowship with some incredible fellow parishioners. This is in addition
to being able to assist Monsignor Picard in discerning and attending to the needs of our parish community. It's been a great experience!"
— Cheryl Kusters

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"My time on the parish council has provided me an opportunity to give back to a parish that has given me so much. I was confirmed and became Catholic here, both my children have received their sacraments here. Saint Andrew holds a very dear spot in my heart and the heart of my family. I wanted to serve on the parish council because Saint Andrew is a community that more people – Catholic and non-Catholic need to experience. The council works to perpetuate that faith in the entire community. The initiatives that have been laid out by Monsignor Picard and acted upon by the parish council involve social justice, evangelization and stewardship . . . all items that are good for Saint Andrew and the community at large.  And while those are big intimidating words, all they really mean is reaching out to people and leading them back to the sacraments. Thank you for allowing me to serve on this council and I will continue to pray for all of you and for our Saint Andrew community!"
— Joel Kern

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"When I was asked to join Pastoral Council, I thought to myself 'I am not qualified to be a part of this special group.'  But I decided to let God be the judge and if this is where He wanted me to be, I would welcome the opportunity. I was honored to have been considered a candidate and even more honored to be selected. Working beside fellow parishioners, Sister Pat Kelly and Monsignor Picard, has allowed me the opportunity to share my thoughts regarding many areas of our parish life and faith. It is exciting to see the new initiatives for the year ahead and to know you were a part of making it happen is very rewarding. Each of us on Pastoral Council brings a unique flavor of their faith to the group and at every meeting I learn something new or see a topic in a different light – both which help my faith grow even stronger. I am blessed and thankful to be a part of this ministry."
— Bridgitte Hogan-Perry

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"It was an honor to be nominated for Parish Pastoral Council and then to be elected. I wasn't sure what I could bring to the Parish Council but someone believed that I had something to contribute. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with the other Council members. Being on the Parish Pastoral Council has made me a better Catholic. I have learned new ways to explore and appreciate my Faith from my fellow Council members. Their genuine support and honest sharing of Faith and feelings is such a revitalizing experience. I have received much more from my service on the Council then I ever expected.

The commitment of the Council members to the Parish community, and the community at large, is inspiring. And the work we do is rewarding. I enjoy discussing the needs of our Parish and coming up with the ways to best meet those needs."
— Rich Forsyth

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